Analyzing Marriage

Published June 12, 1980. How much do you and your spouse agree on your beliefs about marriage? How would you like to take a test and have a computer help you find out?

Just for fun, answer how you feel about each of the following sample statements and ask your spouse to do the same. Then compare your answers.  (Mark them SA-Strongly Agree, A-Agree, U-Undecided, D-Disagree and SD-Strongly Disagree.)
  1. We should use affectionate phrases like “I love you” daily.
  2. We should confide in each other a great deal. 
  3. It is OK for one spouse to make a major purchase without consulting with the other.
  4.  The husband should spend as much time with the girls as the boys in the family. 
  5. It is a woman’s privilege to be unpredictable.
Now that you have done that did you learn anything? How would you like to compare answers on 96 questions like these on Role Expectations in Marriage and 72 questions on Values?

If you are single would you like to answer an additional 215 questions to help you ascertain your personal and couple readiness for marriage?

My colleagues at Brigham Young University, Dr. Wesley Burr, Brenton Yorgason and Terry Baker, have recently put together the Marriage Inventory, a questionnaire about marriage. Coupes who are married, engaged, or anticipate marriage fill out the answer sheets separately. A computer then analyzes the answers and produces a four-page print-out about the relationship.

Why take the marriage inventory? The report tells a couple where they agree and disagree in their beliefs about marriage. It also assists those who are engaged to evaluate their compatibility and readiness for marriage. For those who are now married it helps couples identify areas of strength and potential conflict. The Marriage Inventory provides lots to talk about and helps people better understand themselves and their partner.

Along with your four-page print-out you will receive instructions on how to read and understand the information. The cost for taking the Marriage Inventory is $2.00 per couple which pays for the Marriage Inventory Booklet, two answer sheets, postage and computer time to evaluate the information.

Just as a parting thought, answer the following statement: “My spouse should avoid even innocent expressions of affection to friends (such as a hug or kiss).” If your spouse won’t tell you how they feel about this, maybe their response on the Marriage Inventory will.

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