Can Drug Abuse Begin at Home?

Published October 14, 1982. Drug abuse, or chemical abuse as it is now called, is currently a serious problem among both adults and children in the United States. Both the causes and cures are often complex. But the Police Crime Prevention Unit at Columbus, Ohio believe they have some insight as to why children become involved in drugs. And according to the Ohio Police Department, much of it has to do with the parents and home atmosphere.

Following is their summary of “Ways to Encourage Your Child to Use Drugs.” I thought you might be interested in what they had to say.  The Ohio Police Crime Prevention observe:

Never eat together as a family. Never have family traditions which occur weekly, monthly, or annually that children can look forward to.

Never listen to your children. Talk at them, but not to them.

Never let your children experience cold, fatigue, adventure, injury, risk, challenge, experimentation, failure, frustration, or discouragement.

Teach them to “Do as I say – not as I do.”

Leave the responsibility of spiritual training and development to the schools and church, but don’t teach them at home.

When confronted with the choice of whether to spend time or money on material pursuits or on a family activity, always choose the material.

Expect your child to achieve and to win, but don’t teach him the principles of life, or living. Let him learn them on his own.

Take a ‘pick-up pill’ in the morning, followed by a ‘relaxant’ or drink at night.

Never correct your children appropriately, but uphold them before the law, school, church, and friends as “Not my little boy or girl.”

Stay together for the sake of children – or better yet, get a divorce for the sake of the children.

Always pick up after him – never let him take any responsibility.

Keep your home atmosphere in a constant state of chaos.

Always solve all his problems – make all his decisions.

Be too busy with business, civic, or social life to spend time with your children. Or, if you do happen to have time, spend it together – watching TV.

Don’t teach them while they’re young. Wait until they are old enough to learn and decide the right or wrong things for themselves.

There is little question that children, and adults also, need to experience some of the highs in life. But these highs should come from the experiences of family life and parent-child activities, rather than each one seeking these highs in ways involving drugs.

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