A Little Interfaith Busing

Published March 26, 1981.  I attended a convention not long ago that could have a positive influence on family life in Utah. It was the second Utah Interfaith Consultation held at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. Dr. Horace M. McMullen of Westminster was the director of the convention.

About 100 people attended the two-day conference held on the Westminster campus, and the participants were representative of various Christian denominations around the state. We all met with one primary goal—to promote better understanding and cooperation within the Christian communities in Utah.

The State of Utah was settled by the Mormon Pioneers in 1847, but it was gently brought to our attention that Father Escalante and the Catholics practiced one specific dimension of Christianity. It is simply stated in Matthew 22:39: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Family life in Utah would likely be enhanced if we could all cross our religious lines and be a little more neighborly. If you would like to participate in a Community Interfaith Convention in your own area, drop Dr. McMullen a note. His address is Dr. Horace M. McMullen, Westminster College, 1840 S. 13th East, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105. Or you might want to phone him and thank him and his staff for their efforts in promoting interfaith cooperation. His number is 801-484-7651, ext. 227.

Utah is richly blessed with a diversity of religious, racial, cultural, and ethnic groups, and it would be to the advantage of all if we could live in harmony as neighbors. Differences obviously do exist, but we can learn to have unity without uniformity.

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