At Last: a Creed for the Family

Published September 4, 1980. During times such as these, when we hear so many negative and disruptive statements about families and family life, it is refreshing to hear something positive about it. Such was my pleasant experience not long ago when I received a newsletter titled “The Family Touch,” distributed by the International Family Association.

This group began through the efforts of Christian ministers in and around Atlanta, Georgia, who were both concerned about and committed to family life. Through the Pastoral Counseling Institute in Athens and the Northside Counseling Center, the International Family Association was organized in 1979 with the following as its creed:

The Family Creed

“We believe that the family is the first and basic institution on humanity. More than any other group, the family determines who we are. We want the family to be recognized, supported, and preserved in our city, nation, and world.

We believe the family represents man’s best hope for unity in the world. In the family all of mankind has a common bond, stronger than military, economic, educational, or political ties. The family, is therefore, the primary institution for peace in the world.

We acknowledge our belief by showing love first to our own family members. We pledge respect for the rights of all those in the family of man. We want to help touch the world one family at a time.”

This positive statement about the family is available as a fine printed certificate, suitable for personalizing and framing, for $5.00 through the International Family Association.

Several readers have asked whether previous articles written in this column are available in print. Fifty-five of these articles have recently been published in a book titled “Making Marriage Meaningful.” It is available for $4.25 at the BYU Bookstore in Provo. Copies can also be obtained by sending a check for $5.25 ($4.25 cost plus $1.00 postage and handling).

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